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5 Ways To Score 160+ in NEET and AIIMS Chemistry Section

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Many students call me, message me, post comments on our video that how they can score 160+ marks in Chemistry section of NEET and AIIMS exam. So I am going to write few steps about your study plan of chemistry, if you follow these steps you can easily score 160+ marks in chemistry in NEET 2019.

There are several tips and tricks to help you score high marks in the NEET and AIIMS chemistry section. But, reading them all can take your head for a chemical reaction on its own. So, to help you out, we’ve gone through them and present to you the 5 best ones you can use to score the golden number of 160 or more.

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These are the 5 Ways To Score 160+ in NEET and AIIMS Chemistry Section

A. Gather the best reference material for NEET and AIIMS Chemistry

Reference material is your main weapon in the quest to score 160+ in chemistry. If the weapon is in poor shape, forget about success. Get the NCERT books, they help you form a solid base upon which your building of preparation will stand. You can make use of other textbooks to supplement your preparation too, here’s a handy list:

1. NCERT at your Fingertips by MTG publication

2. NCERT Examplar

3. 30 Previous years Questions of NEET and AIIMS

4. A to Z Chemistry Book for NEET - Cengage

If you don't have handwritten notes, you can download our Free Chemistry Notes for NEET and AIIMS. Download these notes and take print out, read these notes thoroughly before practising the questions.

B. Solve a lot of NEET and AIIMS question papers and Mock Tests

When you solve mock and previous years’ question papers, you understand the pattern and style of questions asked.  It help you to grasp concepts and to learn application of concepts which is very important for competitive exam. The more papers you solve, you make more connections on which chapters enjoy importance and are asked frequently. Solving question papers will always help you get high marks.

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C. Master the chemistry basics from 11th and 12th Class

Under the NEET and AIIMS chemistry section, you can categorize the questions under three parts: physical, organic, and inorganic and the secret of mastering them is to treat them as separate subjects and make different study plan. For eg. You can't learn physical chemistry just by mugging up notes, you need to practice a lot of questions. While studying inorganic chemistry, you need to remember the facts, this can be done by reading notes again and again. Organic chemistry is based on learning the facts and apply them in the questions. So for organic chemistry you need to mug up the concepts and to practice the questions as well.  Yes, make use of your textbooks and notes and divide them accordingly. This will help you grasp the basics of each part better.

D. Right NEET and AIIMS Coaching

This point can ruffle a few feathers but hear us out. Students can score high marks on their own. But, there are a few benefits of coaching that can’t be ignored. From keeping you on your toes with daily classes and relevant study material to regular tests, doubt-solving sessions, and interactions with fellow aspirants, it gives your preparation an extra zing. if you are in Kota, you can also join our chemistry classroom programme at Kunhari. 


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E. Practice, practice, and practice.

Chemistry is rooted in the concepts and numbers. The only way to excel in the NEET and AIIMS chemistry section is with practice. Read the chapters as often as you can, practice the balancing and numerical every day, make notes, and then quiz yourself on what you’ve learned. The more you practice, the higher is success rate in the examinations. You can practice questions from different objective books mentioned above. You can also join our Chemistry Online Test Series with Video Solution for NEET and AIIMS. 

Well, what are you waiting for?

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