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Follow These 7 Points if You want to score 15+ in AIIMS-GK in AIIMS 2019

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The AIIMS GK section often receives step-brotherly treatment because students invest more time in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology aiming to score high marks. However, they miss out on the fact that the general knowledge section can fetch them 20 easy marks in this competitive, life-changing examination.
If you are preparing AIIMS 2019, grab those 20 valuable marks with this simple and effective seven-point guide.

AIIMS GK Tips Newspaper Bewise Classes

1. Make newspapers your ally

When it comes to general knowledge for MBBS exams, newspapers are your best source of preparation - from current affairs and business to sports and science, it offers everything under one space. Make it a habit to read one every day and you will ace the GK section and deepen your knowledge levels as well. But it doesn't mean that you are reading a newspaper for hours, just give attention to headlines and try to cover the newspaper in 10-15 minutes. 

Mock Test AIIMS GK Bewise Classes
2. Take tons on tests

Thanks to the everlasting popularity of GK quizzes in India, one is never short of them. Whether you take one offline or online, keep a special focus on new achievements and discoveries and who won which award -  they are the scorable ones. You can attempt quizzes given in the newspaper.

Exam Review AIIMS GK by Bewise Classes
3. Recognize your errors

Each time you take an online or offline mock test, remember to review your AIIMS GK performance and track all the errors made. If you don't have a set of AIIMS-GK questions, you can join our AIIMS-GK Test Series. Get Here - AIIMS-GK Questions. It will help you understand the topics you need to brush up on. And it’s these little things that matter most during exam preparation. Revision of your mistake is the best method to improve your marks. If you revise your mistakes, it will also help to remember the facts of general knowledge. 

Exam Error AIIMs GK by Bewise Classes
4. Don’t underestimate it

Students fail to score full marks in the AIIMS GK section because they do not put in serious hours during the preparation – they think the section is easy. Wrong. GK whilst easy to grasp requires its own preparation. Pay complete attention to your study material when preparing, you never know when a half-remembered name or date costs you precious marks. If you don't have relevant study material you can join our AIIMS-GK course for AIIMS 2019.

General Knowledge Aptitude & Logical Thinking for AIIMS

5. A book helps
For students who are not fans of multiple study materials, they can always use book written for AIIMS-GK – one-stop guides to everything which took place in the preceding year. There are multiple brands in the market, anyone will do. You can buy book for AIIMS-GK written by Sunil Nain Sir. Click Here to Buy

6. Previous question papers help
When you solve previous question papers, you get a clear idea on the questions asked which in turn helps you design a leaner, more efficient preparation strategy. And for the AIIMS MBBS exam, you cannot ask for anything better.

7. Reasoning and Mental Ability Questions Practice                                                                                                                                  Now AIIMS has introduced Reasoning and Aptitude in AIIMS-GK section. This is also important section for AIIMS aspirants as it can fetch 10 marks out of 20. Reasoning is very easy, but you have to practice questions before appearing in actual exam. So attempt 15-20 questions daily. This will help you to get an idea about reasoning questions and you would be able to solve reasoning questions with ease in AIIMS exam. Get Videos and Questions of Reasoning and Aptitude for AIIMS                                                                                                                                               

As you can see, general knowledge for MBBS exams is not a piece of cake but it’s not a hard task to crack either. What you need is the focus and a few handy ways to ace it, like the ones mentioned above.

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