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In the upcoming AIIMS and NEET 2019 exams, 15-20 candidates on average will compete against each other for one medical college seat. Yes, that, unfortunately, is the truth. There are too many aspiring students and a few seats to accommodate them. And this is the reason why these exams are going to be so crucial for the lakhs of students who will take it. 
It is but natural to see these students stress themselves. After all, there are up against not one but several of India’s best. So, what can one do to succeed? Well, you’ve got to study, of course! But there’s something else which will help you during the preparation stage and while taking these tests as well – patience. 
Yes, it’s that magical word you and I do not believe in because it so hard to get. But you must learn this art for without it, there is no success and that is a guarantee. 

For starters, look at doctors, your future profession, for inspiration. Try and remember how calm and collected they are when listening to what ails you. If you wish to develop patience like them, you must start practising right now. But before you do, there is one question you must ask yourself. 
When do I lose patience? 

To get to a solution, we must first have its question. So where do you lose patience? Well, the answer boils down to how you react to situations. Stuff in traffic? Curse and yell. Does someone speak to you in harsh tones? Reply in the same tone. Parents not buying you the motorcycle you want? Argue and back answer them. 
Now, how do you get a grip on your habit of reacting to situations? 
A good habit is to make a note of each time you lose your patience and react. You will see a lot of notes at the start but as time passes, you will see fewer notes because your mind has actively understood that it has to stop reacting during such occasions. 
Done. Next?
Well, you’ve taken the first step towards increasing your patience – not react. So, what do you next? 
1.    You listen: When anybody is speaking to you, listen to them with all your focus.
2.    Then think: After you’ve listened, please take a few moments or more and think of what you have listened to. 
3.    Speak less: The more you listen, the more you learn. The more you speak, the less you learn. Simple.  
Follow this three-step technique for a week, you’ll be surprised at the results. 

Do not get hyped up during discussions 

While you learn that listening more and speaking less is the best way to develop patience, you cannot apply this rule all the time. Every day, you have to speak and talk to people and that’s where you’ll be tested. 
You must not lose your cool when you have a difference of opinion. Do not become those TV journalists who will yell if some disagrees with them. Remember the first two points. 

Develop Good habits 

When you do the same thing repeatedly as if it is second nature, it is called a habit. Here are two which will help you develop patience: 
1.    Slow eating: Take your time to chew your food, do not be in a hurry. Spend at least 15-20 minutes on eating your food, the quicker you eat, the more damaging it is for your health. 
2.    Meditate: This is all about bringing the mind to control which is distracted by a lot of thoughts. Sit down in a cross-legged position and take long deep breaths; that’s it. Do it every day for at least 10 minutes. At first, your mind will get distracted but with daily practice, you will get better and improve your patience levels too. 

Do not Give Up 
When you are studying for the NEET and AIIMS 2019, you will come across difficult chapters and questions. They will eat your brain and you will feel to give up; don’t. Take a break but do not give up on the preparation completely. 
Like all good things, patience is a hard virtue to develop. Keep trying and you will get there. 


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