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Most Expected AIIMS GK Questions for AIIMS 2019

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The AIIMS GK Questions account for 20 crucial marks of total 200. And yet, the section doesn’t receive the attention it should. The general thinking goes something like this, ‘It’s only GK, we’ll do it in the end’. Such a mindset will cost you dearly.



AIIMS is a tough examination to crack where each mark counts. You ought to know what kind of questions will come in GK for AIIMS to score high and to help you do that, we’ve tried to explain the type of questions you can expect in AIIMS 2019.


Mental Ability for AIIMS GK

Logical Reasoning & Aptitude for AIIMs GK

The questions on the logical reasoning test your common sense. They are simple to understand and easy to solve. Refer to a standard AIIMS preparation book, they have enough examples to practice. 


1.    Three images are given, find the odd one out. 
2.    Find the mirror image: four options are given. 
3.    A statement is given with two supporting statements: pick the right one out. 


Current Affairs for Medical Entrance Exams

The trickiest one to study because it’s ever-changing. And trust us, AIIMS GK Questions love current affairs. The questions will range from major declarations to vital news from the business world. 


1.    Regarding Article 377, the Supreme Court: (Options are given and you have to pick the right one.)
2.    Who is the new Chief Justice of India? - Ranjan Gogoi
3.    Which famous furniture store opened its doors in Hyderabad? - IKEA

Economy for AIIMS GK

Economy questions to crack GK for AIIMS

Nothing too serious, keep a track of major appointments and any ranking on a country level by international organizations. 


1.    Who’s the RBI governor or India’s chief economic advisor? - RBI Governor - Urjit Patel, Chief Economic Advisor - Arvind Subramanian
2.    Name the IMF’s chief economist.
3.    According to the IMF, at what rate will India’s economy grow? 

Politics for AIIMS GK


Politics for Medical Exams

Daily newspaper reading and the internet is your best bet here. They will help you understand what’s happening in the political world and reference books will help you understand questions. Learn the basics of the government workings as well the names of chief ministers and governors. 


1. Who is India’s longest-serving chief minister? - Pawan Kumar Chamling 
2. Name the leader of the Lok Sabha. - Narendra Modi
3. Who presents the annual budget? - Finance Minister

Sports for AIIMS GK


Sports questions for AIIMS GK

When it comes to GK for AIIMSIt’s imperative you know international tournaments held in the last few years – Olympics, Paralympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, etc. Know where they were held and when and who won, especially the Indian medallists. And keep track of popular sports on a regular basis. 


1.    Who won the US Open women’s singles in 2018? - Naomi Osaka
2.    How many gold medals did India win in the 2018 Asian Games? - 15
3.    Where was the 2018 Asian Games held? - Jakarta

Geography for AIIMS GK


Geography questions for AIIMS

An underrated topic and yet so crucial, you can never trust the AIIMS GK Questions with Geography. While you aren’t expected to learn the hard difference between soils but basic knowledge will do you no harm. Keep an eye on national parks, new highways built, and natural monuments. 


1.    What is the colour of milestones used at state highways? 
2.    Name the flower that blooms once every 12 years in India. 
3.    What is the highest peak in India? - Kangchenjunga

General Science for AIIMS GK


General Science for GK 

Pay close attention to any scientific achievements that happened in the previous year, the Nobel winners are a good place to start and circle back from there. 


1.    Any ISRO activity (launching satellites, new appointments, etc) 
2.    Which famous British physicist passed away in 2018? - Stephen Hawking
3.    Which disease outbreak was reported in Kerala? - Nipah Virus

Technology for AIIMS GK


Technology questions for GK section

When it comes to GK for AIIMS, questions on technology are expected because of its impact on our daily lives. While they won’t ask intricate details on Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Blockchain, they can, however, ask you the top bosses of the world’s biggest tech firms or the companies that are revolutionizing the Indian economy. 


1.    Who is the CEO of Google? - Sunder Pichai
2.    Who developed the Unified Payments Interface? - National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
3.    Which virus attack affected the National Health Service in England? - Wanna Cry

Prizes for AIIMS GK


Awards & Prizes Questions for AIIMS GK Section

For those who will take the AIIMS 2019, it’s imperative they learn who were the 2018 Nobel Laureates? Want to know about Noble Prize Winner - Watch this Video. It is obvious that Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine winners should be at your fingertips. Keep a track of prize winners in diverse fields: sports, entertainment, development, academics, etc. 



1.    Which movie won the Academy Award for best picture in 2018? - The Shape of Water
2.    Which actors have won the most Filmfare awards?  - Dilip Kumar & Shahrukh Khan
3.    Which author won the Man Booker in 2018? Anna Burns

While these are the major topics to cover when it comes to the AIIMS GK questions, one cannot accurately predict all the questions so it’s best to concentrate on the subject than worrying about the paper. Read the newspaper daily and consult a yearbook and you are set. 

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