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50 Frequently asked Questions related to NEET 2021 Application Form

All the doubts related to NEET 2021 application form are covered. What is the age limit and eligibility criteria? What are the documents specification & qualifying exam codes? Read this blog to know in detail. 

July 16, 2021 - 5 Min Read

NEET 2021 Application Form - Age Limit, Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required

The Central Government announced on July 12 that the NEET medical entrance exam, originally scheduled for August 1, would be held on September 12. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted this. "The NEET UG 2021 will be held on September 12, 2021 all over the country, following COVID-19 protocols.

When will the NEET 2021 Registration start?

NEET 2021 application forms are available now and the registration has begun at NTA portal. On July 13, at 5 p.m., the registration process for medical entrance exam NEET began. NEET applicants can visit the National Testing Agency (NTA) websites, ntaneet.nic.in, and nta.ac.in for more information and complete the application.

Students are advised to download the information bulletin containing the detailed information about the test, syllabus and eligibility criteria for age reservation, category of seats, examination fees, cities of examination, code of the state, number of colleges etc.

Complete NEET 2021 Application Form Process:

NEET 2021 application process is divided into two sets i.e. phase 1 & Phase 2. NTA stated that the application process is divided into two sets to ensure that candidate data are submitted quickly. 

 Before the NEET 2021 application form can be submitted online, the first set of information must be completed. Candidates must complete the second set of data before the declaration/download of Score Card during the time that would be notified separately via NEET (UG), Portal in due course," the NTA stated.

Here is the list of Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) related to NEET 2021 registration Process:

NEET 2021 application form process is a cumbersome process. Many NEET aspirants face the problem while filling the application form. They might have doubts about age limit, eligibility criteria, specification of documents & qualifying exam code. 

Step by Step guide to Fill NEET Application Form 2021:

There are four steps in NEET 2021 application form process. These four steps are online registration, completing the application form, uploading the documents, & fee payment. Follow the following steps to complete the registration.

  1. Visit the website – ntaneet.ac.in or nta.ac.in 
  2.  Read the information given there and scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and click 'Fill Registration form. 
  3. Apply for Online Registration using your or your parents unique Email ID and Mobile Number.
  4. Complete the online application form and Note down the application number for future reference.
  5. Upload your documents in the format and resolution that NTA requires.
  6. The fee must be paid in the prescribed format or modes. 
  7. After successful payment, download the confirmation page. 
  8. A hard copy of the document is kept for future reference. 

Note: You can do all four steps at once or at different times

FAQs related to NEET 2021 application form process:

Q1. Can I fill the NEET 2021 application form in offline mode? 

 Ans. No, candidates are allowed to apply NEET 2021 application form through online mode only. 

 Q2. What if I fill more than two application forms for NEET 2021? Will, I be debarred from NEET 2021 exam? 

 Ans. One application per candidate is allowed. If you have filled two application forms, contact the NTA & tell them about it, and ask to cancel one application form. 

 Q3. I don't have a mail id & mobile number. Can I use my brother mail id & mobile number for NEET 2021 application form? 

Ans. Yes, your brother's phone number and mail ID can be used. You can also use your mother/father/guardian's mail id and mobile number for registration. You should make sure you have access to your mail-id and number later. 

Q4. Is it compulsory to complete all the 4 step processes of the NEET application form process in one go? 

Ans. NEET 2021 application form is divided in two sets i.e Phase 1 & 2. Phase 1 comprised four steps. These four steps are : 1. Registration Page 2. Complete of application form 3. Uploading of the documents 4. Fee Payment 

 They don't need to complete all the processes together. All candidates must complete each set of information on the Application Form when they are available. However, His/her candidature may be cancelled if they fail to fill out any information. 

 Q5. Should I have to upload all the documents together in NEET 2021 application form? 

Ans. No, you have to upload documents in two different phase. For phase 1, you have to upload passport & postcard-sized photo, signature & thumb impressions. If you belong to J & K, then self-declaration form is also needed. Class 10 certificate, Category & PWDs certificates & citizen certificate can be uploaded in phase 2 of the application form.

Eligibility Criteria for NEET 2021:

 For medical aspirants, the National Testing Agency (NTA), releases the NEET qualification guidelines for 2021. The NEET 2021 eligibility criteria, which must be met by each candidate, specify the required percentile in class 12, lower & upper age limit, and maximum number of attempt to take the exam. If they do not meet the required legitimate criteria, no aspirant will be permitted to complete the NEET 2021 application. 

Age Limit: 

Candidate must have completed the age of 17 before December 31, 2021. In other words, he/she must have born on or before December 31, 2004. The decision on upper age limit is pending. So there is no upper age limit now. All the candidates can provisionally apply for NEET 2021 exam. 

Education Qualification: 

 Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent exam with Chemistry, Physics, Biology & English as a compulsory subject from a recognised University or board.

Qualifying marks in Class 12: 

 Each category has a different class 12 percentage requirement for NEET 2021 examination. These can be listed below. To be considered for NEET eligibility in class 12, aggregate marks must only be used for subjects other than PCB. For GEN & GEN-EWS category – aggregate 50% in PCB For OBC/SC/ST - aggregate 40% in PCB For PWD candidates from GEN, GEN-EWS - aggregate 45% in PCB For PWD candidates from OBC/SC/ST category - aggregate 40% in PCB 

Attempt Limit: 

There is no attempt limit for NEET exam. Students can write NEET exam as many times as possible.

FAQs related to NEET 2021 Eligibility Criteria:

Q1. I am a general category candidate. I scored 48 marks in Chemistry class 12. However, I have a combined 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Am I eligible to apply for NEET 2021? 

 Ans. To be eligible for NEET (UG) 2021, a general category & GEN EWS candidate, The candidate must have passed Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology, and English separately. They must also have at least 50% combined in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Biotechnology. You do not have to get more than 50 marks for each subject. For example, If your marks for chemistry are 48, physics 52 and biology 50. Your average score would be 50. You are therefore eligible to take the NEET 2021 exam despite having 48 in Chemistry. 

Q2. I was in Class 12 last year. But I failed in Physics subject. I am going to attempt a physics paper this year. Am I eligible for NEET 2021? 

Ans. Yes, you are eligible for NEET 2021, provided that you pass class 12 in all the subjects before the first round of counselling. 

Q3. My birthdate was July 25 2004. Am I eligible for NEET 2021? 

Ans. Yes, you are eligible. Students who have attained 17 before December 31, 2021, can apply NEET 2021 application form. In other words, if you are born on or before December 31 2004, you are eligible for NEET 2021 registration. 

Q4. I was born 31/12/88. Is it possible to take the NEET 2021 exam? 

Ans. Yes, there is no upper age limit for NEET 2021 exam. You can apply for the NEET 2021 application form. 

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Q5. I have taken the NEET exam four times. Is there a limit to how many times you can attempt NEET 2021? Can I take NEET 2021 without any restrictions? 

Ans. Yes, you are eligible for NEET 2021 exam. There is no attempt limit for the NEET exam. Students can appear in the NEET exam as many times as they want. 

Q6. What is the percentage of marks required in class 12 for NEET 2021 exam eligibility? 

Ans. For a General category & GEN EWS candidate to be eligible for NEET (UG) - 2021, the candidate must have passed in Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology at the qualifying examination as mentioned in the Regulations of NMC and DCI. 

In respect of the candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or Other Backward Classes (NCL), the minimum marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology taken together in qualifying examination shall be 40% marks instead of 50% marks for Unreserved and General-EWS Candidates. 

Regarding PWD candidates as per NMC and DCI Regulations, the minimum marks in the qualifying examination in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (or Botany & Zoology)/Biotechnology taken together shall be 40% instead of 50%.

Q7. I don't have a sheet with my class 11 marks. Do I need to put my class 11 marks in the column? Can I leave the column for class 11 marks blank? 

Ans. It is mandatory to fill class 11 academic details in phase 2 of NEET 2021 application. If you don't have the class 11 marksheet, you are suggested to contact your school exam authority ask them for the class 11 marks subject-wise and total marks. They maintain the class-wise result every year. 

Q8. I applied for admission in class 11 as a dummy student. How many marks do I need to enter in the 11th education detail column? 

Ans. You have to put the class 11 marks obtained by you. You need not worry if you have never attended the school in the class 11 & you were admitted as a dummy candidate. Whether you have taken the class 11 exam or not, school always maintain the class wise & students wise result. So, you are recommended to contact your school; they will help you to get your class 11 mark sheet.

Documents Required for NEET 2021 Application: 

NEET registration 2021 is divided in two phases. The document requirements for NEET application 2021 change accordingly. NEET application form Phase 1 documents include a passport, a postcard-sized photograph, left thumb impression, signature, and a self-declaration certificate (for J & K state). 

The following documents are required for NEET registration in the second phase: category certificate, PwBD, Class 10 and citizenship certificates. Below are the document specifications for NEET form 2021.

List of the documents for Phase 1 of NEET Application Form:

1. Passport Sized Photo: 

  • It must Contain name & date · 
  •  It must be taken after 1 Jan, 2021 · 
  •  80% face , Clear ear, Specs Allowed · 
  •  White background · 
  •  File Size 10 to 200 kb, JPG Format.

2. Postcard Sized Photo:

  • Photo Size (4 inch by 6 inch) · 
  • Same as Passport image · 
  • File Size 10 to 200 kb, JPG Format 

Note: Candidates are advised to keep 6 to 8 passport size and 4 to 6 Post Card size.

3. Left Hand Thumb Impression:

  • White Paper & Blue Ink
  • File Size 10 to 200 kb, JPG
  • If left hand not available, use right hand

4. Signature:

  • Should be in Running Hand & Actual Signature
  • Should not be in capital letters
  • White Paper & Black Ink
  • File Size 4 to 30 kb, JPG

5. Self Declaration Form:

  • Only for J & K state candidates

FAQs related to Documents required for phase 1 of NEET 2021 Application Form:

Q1. My NEET 2021 application has been submitted, but my passport-sized photo doesn't have a white background. What should I do next? 

Ans. NTA has clearly mentioned that the background of the photo must be white. If you have uploaded a picture with a background other than white, you should re-upload the photo during the correction window. 

Q2. My passport-sized photo background is sky blue in color. Is it valid for NEET 2021? or do I have to upload it again with white background? 

Ans. No, a photo with a sky blue colour background is not valid. You need to upload the photo with white background again. 

Q3. I uploaded the photo but not with the date and name. Is my NEET 2021 Application Form being rejected? 

Ans. I am not sure whether your form will be rejected or not. But I suggest you to upload the photo again with the name & the date. There is a statement in the NEET 2021 notification that the photographs must be taken on or after 01.01.2021 preferably indicating the name of the candidate and the date of taking the photograph. 

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Q4. Which type of photo (Color, Black & White) should you upload to the NEET 2021 application form? 

Ans. You should use a coloured photograph rather than a Black & White photo. 

Q5. The postcard-sized photo and the passport size photo do not contain the same image. Is it valid for NEET applications? 

Ans. The image on the passport & the Postcard sized photo should be the same & it must contain the name & date. If your images are not the same, you are recommended to upload the images again at the time of the correction window. 

Q6. My ears are not clearly visible in the photograph. Do I need to upload it again? 

Ans. If your ears are not visible and you get an email from NTA to upload it again, you can re-upload a new photo during the correction window. 

Q7. I have attached the scanned passport and postcard-sized photo with the date and name. Do I print the photos with the name and date, or should I print them with just a photo? 

Ans. You have to print the same passport-sized & Postcard sized photos that you have uploaded in the NEET 2021 application form. 

Q8. What is the size of Postcard sized photo? What is the maximum file size & format of Postcard sized photos? 

Ans. The postcard size should be 4 inches by 6 inches (4" by 6") in size. The file should be in JPG format with the size 10 kb to 200kb. 

Q9. What happens if my signature is in a capital letter? Do all letters of the signature need to be small? Or can the first letter be capitalized? 

Ans. You are not allowed to upload the signature in capital letters. You must upload your authentic signature that must be in the running hand. It is not mandatory that all the letters of the signature should be small. The first letter of the signature can be capital. 

Q10. I have uploaded the signature in place of a thumb impression. What do I do now? What happens if my NEET 2021 application is cancelled? 

Ans. Yes, your application form can be rejected. You should upload the signature & thumb in their respective place. If you have submitted the application form, you can make the changes during the NEET 2021 application form correction window. 

Q11. I have uploaded the signature in blue ink. Should I upload it again, or is it valid? 

Ans. NTA has clearly mentioned that the signature should be in black ink. If you have uploaded the signature in blue ink, you need not worry; you can upload the signature in black ink during the correction window. 

Q12. I have uploaded my right-hand thumb impression. Can I change it during the correction window? 

Ans. Yes, you can change the thumb impression in the correction window if needed. If you don't have a left-hand thumb, you can upload the right-hand thumb impression.

List of the documents required for Phase 2 registration: 

  1. Class 10 passing certificate 
  2. Category certificate for SC/ST/OBC.
  3. PWDs certificates obtained from the list of centres mentioned in the brochure.
  4. For Foreign/OCI candidates: Citizenship/Embassy certificate or any documentary proof of citizenship in PDF format.

FAQs related to certificate required in phase 2 & Discrepancy in the Name & Date of Birth:

 Q1. My name appears differently on class 10 and class 12 certificates. Which name should I enter in the NEET application form 2021 Do I need to rectify it or be accepted? 

 Ans. You must enter the name which is mentioned in class 10 certificate. Contact to your class 12 exam conducting body & apply for the modification in the Class 12 certificate. You need not worry about it, your form will be accepted. If you are not able to rectify it, you can put an affidavit during the counselling. 

Q7. My father's name is different on my Aadhar card and 10th class mark sheets. What name should I enter in the NEET application form? 

Ans. You should use the class 10 certificate name. You are suggested to update your aadhar card before the NEET 2021 exam. 

Q8. What if my father's surname is different on his Aadhar card What name should I use for the application form of NEET 2021? 

Ans. Whatever the name on his aadhar card, you have to enter the title written in your documents. 

Q9. My date of birth differs in the Class 10 certificate and Aadhar cards. What is my DOB valid?

Ans. You should put your class 10 certificate date of birth & update the Aadhar card before the NEET 2021 exam. 

Q10. I don't carry an Aadhar Card. Which government ID can I use to fill out the NEET 2021 application? 

Ans. You need not worry if you do not have Aadhar card. The candidates need to provide any one of the following identity details given below: 

  1. For Indians: If are Indian National you can use other government ids like Class XII Admit Card with Photograph, Election Card (EPIC No.), Ration Card, Bank Account Passbook with Photograph, Passport Number or Number of any other Photo Identity Card issued by Government. 
  2. NRIs: Passport Number, Aadhaar Number (last 4 digits) 
  3. Foreign Nationals/ OCI - Passport Number/ Citizenship Certificate Number 

Q11. Is it needed to upload the class 10 mark sheet in phase 1 of NEET application form 2021? Ans. There is no need for class 10 mark sheet in Phase 1 of the application form. Class 10 education details need to be provided in phase 2. 

Q12. Can I upload the caste certificate in Hindi? Is it valid? 

Ans. There is no specific language for caste certificates. You can upload the caste certificate in Hindi language also. 

Q13. What if my OBC certificate is no longer valid? Which category should I choose? 

Ans. If your OBC certificate is expired, you should update it first. You can opt for the OBC category in the NEET 2021 application form, provided you get an updated category certificate before phase 2 of the NEET 2021 application form. 

Q14. I have an OBC certification that will expire in July 2021. Can I select OBC for my NEET category? 

Ans. Yes, you can choose OBC as a category in NEET 2021 application form. You are recommended to get the latest OBC certificate as soon as possible.

What is the Qualification & Qualifying Exam code for NEET 2021?

Based on the NEET 2021 Qualification codes candidates can fill out the qualifying exam code according to eligibility criteria. Here is the exam code for NEET 2021 in detail. 

Code 01 - A candidate is appearing in the qualifying exam, i.e. 12 Standard in 2021. You can fill 01 code if you have awaited your result, regardless of whether you are from CBSE or any other state board exam. 

Code 02 - for Dropper or repeater students. This code applies to NEET 2021 students who have completed class 12. This code is also valid for students in class 12 who have attended an open school. Students with math or biology as an option subject can also use code 02 to qualify for the NEET 2021 application code. 

Code 03 - This code is for the students who have completed their Intermediate/Pre-Examination Science stream degree from an Indian University/Board i.e any state board exam. 

Code 04 - This code is available after you have passed the pre-professional/premedical examinations with Physics, Chemistry/Biotechnology and English. Students admitted to courses such as B.pharm or BAMS, BHMS, or any other course related to pre-medical. 

Code 05 – Anyone in the first year (B.Sc.) of a bachelor's program from a university that offers Physics, Chemistry, and BIology/Biotechnology with practical testing. 

Code 06 - Anyone who has completed a B.Sc. Any aspirant who has passed B.Sc. in Biology/Biotechnology, Physics or Chemistry can select Code 6 from NEET qualification Code 2021 to be their eligibility code. 

Code 07 - Any other examination in scope and standard (Last 02 years of 10+2 Study comprising Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology. NEET 20201 qualifying code for foreign applicants will be Code 7. The Association of Indian Universities will determine the equivalence of any course with Class 12 boards.

Doubts Related to Qualifying Exam Code for NEET 2021:

Q1. I took admission to the B.Sc course last year. But I never attended college. I haven't taken any B.Sc exam in that college. What will be my qualification exam code for NEET 2021? 

Ans. There are two possibilities. If you have cancelled your admission from the college, you should fill code 02 or code 03 based on your class 12 board exam. If you continue with your college admission, use code 05 as an exam code in the NEET 2021 application form. 

Q2. I am a second-year B.Sc student. What is the qualifying code for me? 

Ans. There is no code for B.Sc second year & third-year students. You are suggested to fill code 05. 

Q3. I am a B.Sc student, but my subject matter is not the same as the code 05 or 06 listed in the NEET 2020 notification. What is my valid exam code for NEET 2021? 

Ans. If you are not studying any two subjects out of Physics, Chemistry, Biology (botany, zoology)/ Biotechnology in B.Sc, then you can fill code 02 or 03 depending upon your exam board. If you are a CBSE/ICSE class 12 student then your exam code is 02 otherwise, code 03. 

Q4. I have been accepted at Delhi University for a BA. However, I have completed 12th grade with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as compulsory subjects. What is my qualifying exam code to apply for the NEET 2021 application? 

Ans. Based on the results of your 12th grade board exam, your exam code will be 02/03. If you are from CBSE/ICSE/open schools, enter code 02 for your exam code. If your 12th-grade exam board is a state board, then code 03 should be used as the qualifying exam code.

Q5. If I fill the wrong qualifying exam code for NEET 2021, will my application form be cancelled? 

Ans. Don't worry. You can modify it during the correction window. Your form will not be rejected just because of the wrong exam code. 

Q6. For the past two years, I have not been to the school. I was a dummy applicant. Is it considered regular or open schooling? 

Ans. Dummy candidates are the students who take admission in regular school, but they don't attend the school. You are a regular student & you should fill code 02 in NEET 2021 application form. Open school students are the students who took admission in a school which is affiliated with National institute of open schooling. 

Q7. Last year, I failed Chemistry 12th grade. I will attempt to write a chemistry paper in this year. What is my NEET 2021 exam code? 

Ans. If you attempt a chemistry paper this year, you will be considered a class 12 appearing candidate. So, your exam code will be 01 for NEET 2021.

How to Chose the medium of questions paper for NEET 2021?

NEET 2021 exam will be conducted in 13 languages English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi. Option of medium of Question Paper should be carefully chosen while filling in the Application Form. The option once chosen cannot be changed. 

  • Candidates opting for English would be provided Test Booklet in English only. 
  •  Candidates opting for Hindi would be provided with a Bilingual Test Booklet in English and Hindi. 
  •  Candidates opting for Regional languages would also be provided with a Bilingual Test Booklet in selected Regional language and English. 

Note: In case of any ambiguity in translation of a question in the test, its English version shall be treated as final and the decision of NTA shall be final in this regard.

FAQs related to Medium of Question Paper of NEET 2021:

Q1. I'm an English-medium student. However, I chose Hindi medium for the NEET 2021 application form. What is the best way to change this during the correction window? 

Ans. There is no issue as you will get the paper in both the language i.e. English & Hindi. Still, you want to change the medium of the question paper; you can do it at the time of the correction window. 

Q2. I chose the Hindi medium for NEET 2021. Do the papers only come in Hindi or will they contain both Hindi and English questions? 

Ans. Yes dear, Candidates opting for Hindi Language would be provided Bilingual Test Booklet i.e. in Hindi/Regional Language and in English. In case of any ambiguity in translation of any of the questions, its English version shall be treated as final. 

Q3. If I chose the regional language as a medium of the question paper, will I only get the paper in regional language? 

Ans. No, you will get the bilingual NEET 2021 paper. You will get the paper in regional language as well as in the English language.

Other FAQs about NEET 2021 application form process:

Q1. What code should you fill out for a school Pincode? 

Ans. A school Pincode refers to the address of the school for class 12. This pincode can be found on your school class 12 marksheet. For example, If you belong to Bihar, but your class 12 school is located in Delhi. Your school Pincode will be that is of Delhi. 

Q2. Can I pay the fee in offline mode? 

Ans. No, You can't pay the application form fee in offline mode. You can pay using Debit/Credit Card/Net-banking/UPI /Paytm. 

Q3. If the amount is deducted from my bank account, the payment status does not show as 'OK'. What should I do? 

Ans. For confirmation of payment, contact your bank if you don't receive the confirmation page. If the problem persists, you can pay the fee again and contact the NTA to request a refund. 

Q4. My confirmation page is not generated after the payment of the fee? I want to know whether my application form is complete or not? 

Ans. If the confirmation page is not generated after the payment of the prescribed fee, candidates must contact their banks or payment gateway integrator to succeed. NTA Helpline may be contacted if the Portal does not reflect a successful transaction. The candidate can pay again if the payment problem is not solved. 

Q5. I have paid the application form fee twice. Will I get any refund in case of duplicate payment? 

Ans. If duplicate payment received by the NTA from a candidate in the course or said transactions would be refunded using the same payment method through which it was received, after fee reconciliation by NTA. 

Q6. Is there any need to send the printed copy of the NEET 2021 application form or confirmation page to the NTA office? 

Ans. No, there is no need to send the hard copy of the confirmation page to the NTA office. However, the candidates are advised to retain the hard copy of the Confirmation Page, and a proof of fee submitted for future need.

Thanks for reading. If you have any doubt, you may ask in the comment section.

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