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Will NEET 2020 be difficult or Easy? Free NEET Mock Tests by NTA - NEET 2020 questions will be out of NCERT?

NEET aspirants can take Free Mock Tests on AI-powered mobile app launched by NTA. Get an exact idea about the NEET Exam Pattern.


Getting fewer marks in NEET mock tests on NTA app?

Worrying about the score in NEET mock test released by NTA? Whether you should take mock tests in NEET 2020?

As Covid-19 has disturbed the life all around us. Similarly, the students are facing a lot of problems during their exam preparation because many educational institutions are closed now. Keeping this in mind, recently NTA has launched a new mobile app name “National Test Abhyas” where students get mock tests of NEET 2020, JEE Mains 2020 pattern.

This mobile app is free of cost which ensures that no student is left behind and one Mock test based on NEET pattern is launched every day on this app. These mock tests can be easily downloaded and completed off-line as well. After completion of the test, students can go online again to submit the test and view their test report. The comprehensive analysis of the test can help in reviewing the NEET Exam preparation.

NEET aspirants have started taking the exam on the app launched by NTA. Many students find these mock tests difficult as compared to NEET previous year papers. We started getting queries of students about the difficulty level of NEET this year. Students find that these mock tests are having a lot of questions out of NCERT syllabus. NEET aspirants are anxious & they have many questions in their mind like –

  • Whether NEET aspirants need to study other books or no other than NCERT?
  • Will NEET 2020 Questions be out of NCERT or not?
  • NEET 2020 might be difficult as compared to NEET previous year papers.

You don't need to worry as Best chemistry teacher of Kota – Mr Sunil Nain at BeWise Classes is here to answer all your questions.

Reason for your fewer score in NEET mock tests launched by NTA: -

  1. Not all are difficult papers: - It is possible that the tests you have taken that might be difficult. All mock tests on “National Test Abhyas” are not difficult.
  2. Vague Question Selection Process: - The app launched by NTA is AI-powered and based on machine learning. The process of making NTA mock tests are based on filtration of final questions from more than 3000 questions which involve potential chances of disturbing the ratio of Easy, Moderate and difficult questions.

There are sufficient chances that you can get some very easy test in which you can manage to get a score of 160 and another test with more than average difficulty level where you will struggle to get 120 marks. We feel that this fluctuation in your marks is enough to make you feel vulnerable for the exam.

But you need not worry because the problem is not with your preparation; it is with the correct evaluation of your preparation.

Whether NEET 2020 will be Difficult?

If you were preparing for the NEET exam for last one year, you need not worry. And just by taking one mock test, you can’t decide it will be difficult or easy. So attempt 2-3 Tests you will come to know about that there is no major difference this year. It will be same as previous year papers of NEET. And NTA director “Vineet Joshi” in his interview has also clarified that NEET 2020 will be easy this year.

Will NEET 2020 will be out of NCERT?

If 2-3 NTA mock tests have some questions out of NCERT, that doesn’t mean NEET 2020 questions will be out of NCERT. So keep studying and attempt more MOCK Tests provided by NTA. That will boost your NEET preparation & you will get an exact idea about NEET questions as these mock tests are prepared by NEET experts.

Is there any need to study other books than NCERT?

NCERT are bibles for NEET exam. You can use other books for questions practice. And BeWise Classes has prepared the NEET Chemistry Online Test Series & Chemistry Crash Course for NEET aspirants which cover NCERT& other books too.

What You can get at BeWise Classes: -

NEET Chemistry Online TEST SERIES: - You can join our NEET Chemistry Chapter-wise Test Series with complete video solution having 60 Minor Tests & 10 Major tests especially made by SUNIL NAIN SIR. Benefits of joining this test series are: -

  1. These tests are made keeping in mind recent trends and previous year question papers.
  2. You will get an apt blend of Easy, Moderate and Difficult questions thereby giving you an honest review of your preparation.
  3. A most important feature of our test series is Solution Videos that we will provide you with these tests. These solution videos are a detailed analysis of the respective tests.
  4. You will get the collection of most important 3000+ questions to let you play on the safe side in chemistry.
  5. In-depth analysis of questions will give you a fair idea of other similar pattern questions.

Bewise Classes Test series will be your key to success in NEET 2020 chemistry portion.

Check reviews of our Chemistry Test Series: -


Chemistry CRASH COURSE for NEET 2020: -

We all know the importance of revision for any exam. Our Chemistry crash course for NEET will prove to be cherry on the cake for your success in NEET exam preparation. With this course, you can revise the whole syllabus of Chemistry repeatedly in a limited period of time.

Message from Bewise CIasses: - If you are honest with your preparation so far, please don’t feel tensed about the difficulty level of exam. This delay in the exam is for everyone. All students are sailing in the same boat. You can always reach out to us for guidance related to NEET Exam Preparation.

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3. Start Taking Test.

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