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Atomic Structure Classroom Free PDF Notes

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Hello Students

Hope you are fine and must be doing well in your NEET/AIIMS preparation. We have uploaded classroom pdf notes of two chapters i.e some basic concepts of chemistry and another is chemical kinetics. Today we are going to publish Atomic Structure classroom pdf notes. Free pdf notes of class 11 chapter 2 atomic structure notes are available to download and print. Atomic structure is one of the most important chapters in chemistry. Without learning atomic structure it is impossible to understand chemistry. It is also important from NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER point of view. 2-3 questions are asked from atomic structure in NEET/AIIMS. That means it carries 10-12 marks. So you can understand how important this chapter is. These pdf notes can be helpful in your preparation. These notes will definitely boost your exam preparation. These classroom notes are free and you can download these notes and can print. 

Atomic structure notes are prepared by our expert faculty. What Sunil Nain sir taught in the class, we scanned those nootes and upload here. In these theory for atomic structure is covered. Some example and previous year questions are used to make you understand the concepts. Previous year questions are included so that you can understand which type of questions can be asked from this chapters. Complete explanation of these questions are given in this pdf notes. In these notes discovery of electrons, proton and neutron ,Bohr Model, Quantum number, Isotopes and isobars, de-Broglie concepts etc. are covered in detail. After studying these pdf notes you would be able to describe thomson, Rutherford and Bohr atomic models, understand the important features of quantum mechanical model of atom, understand the nature of electromagnetic radiation and planck's quantum theory, what is de-broglie concept, define an atomic orbital in terms of quantum number. After reading notes you can learn how to write electronic configuration of atoms, state aufbau principle, pauli'e exclusion principle.

Topics Covered: - 

  1. What is Atom, Discovery of Electron, Proton, Neutron
  2. Atomic Models - Thomson's model of atom, Rutherford's atomic model
  3. Drawbacks of different atomic models 
  4. Atomic number, mass number and important definitions
  5. Isotopes, Isobars, Isoelectronics
  6. Electromagnetic waves
  7. Bohr's atomic model and its drawbacks
  8. Planck's Quantum Theory
  9. De-Broglie Concepts
  10. Quantum number
  11. Rules of filling of orbitals - Aufbau's Principle, Pauli's exclusion principle, Hund's rule
  12. Electronic configuration of atoms, Stability of half filled and full filled orbitals.

Atomic Structure test will be published on 29th July, 2018. You are suggested to read these notes thoroughly and try to understand the theory well. Test will help to learn the application of theortical concepts of atomic structure. 

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