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Chemical Kinetics FREE pdf Classroom notes for NEET/AIIMS 2019

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Hi Students

Hope you are reading well. In continuation with our efforts in helping you build up your NEET/AIIMS preparation, we are going to provide chemical kinetics classroom pdf notes. Free pdf downloadable notes and short key notes for Chemical Kinetics (chapter 4 class 12) to score high marks in exams are available on our website. These notes are prepared by our expert faculty.

Chemical Kinetics is very important from exam point of view. Chemical kinetics is the branch of chemistry which deals with the study of rates of reaction, the mechanism by which the reaction proceeds and factor affecting the rate of reaction. 2-3 questions are asked in NEET/AIIMS from this chapter. So it is important to study this chapter. We upload our classroom pdf notes in Our Mobile App and on Our Website so that students can access to these notes and can prepare this chapter. In these notes we have covered important concepts, examples with explanation and important previous year questions so that students can learn concept as well as he can do practice of questions. These notes are the comprehensive notes which covers the latest syllabus of CBSE and NCERT. It includes all the topic given in the NCERT clasas 12 chemical kinetics text book. User can download these pdf notes from Our Website or from Our Free Mobile App for free.

Topics Covered: -

  1. What is Rate of reaction
  2. Rate law or Rate Expression
  3. Specific rate constant
  4. Order of Reaction
  5. Mechanism of Reaction
  6. Molecularity
  7. Pseudo first order reaction
  8. Collision theory of reaction
  9. Factor affecting rate of reaction
  10. Activation Energy, Arrhenius equation

After reading these notes you would be able to define the rate or reaction, how to calculate the rate constat using concentration of reactants and products, comparison of elementary and complex reactions. You will be able to define molecularity and order of reaction. You can differentiate between molecularity and order of reaction. You would be able to know how the rate of reaction vary with change in concentration, temperature and catalyst. You can derive integrated rate equation for zero, 1st and nth order reactions. Chemical Kinetics test will be published on 22nd July, 2018. You are suggested to read these notes before taking the test.

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