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Chemical Kinetics Test Video Solution by Sunil nain

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Hello Students

Hope you are doing well. Just 7 months are left until NEET 2019. Many students have become serious about their preparation. But some aspirants are not serious about their study till now. This will cost them definitely. if you are not serious still, I suggest you to start working hard and increase the effort in your NEET/AIIMS preparation. 

In continuous effort to boost your NEET/AIIMS preparation, we are going to publish detailed video solution of Chemical Kinetics Test today. Many students has taken the chemical kinetics test and did very well in the exam. If you haven't taken the test, first attempt the test then go to video solution. Chemical Kinetics is one of the important chapters of chemistry for NEET/AIIMS exam. 2-3 questions are asked from this chapter every year. Questions from topic like integrated laws of chemical reaction, order of reaction etc. are repeatedly asked in NEET/AIIMS in the past. So students must learn chemical kinetics chapter without fail. 

Chemical Kinetics test was published on 22nd July, 2018. In this test 60 questions are added on different topics of Chemical Kinetics,. 45 questions are multiple choice questions based on NEET pattern and 15 assertion reason questions which will help AIIMS 2019 preparation. Most of the aspirants has doubt in their mind how to study chemical kinetics, how chemical kinetics questions can be solved with minimum efforts. What is Arrhenius Equation, how to get half life of different order chemical reaction. These questions comes to mind of every medical aspirants.  This video will help you to get answer of all the questions.

In this video Sunil Nain sir not only explained the questions of chemical kinetics test but also discussed some important concepts of Chemical Kinetics. This video is divided in three part i.e Part I, II, & III. First Sunil Nain sir explained the chemical Kinetics Concept like - definition of chemical kinetics, understanding the rate laws of chemical kinetics, zero order reaction, first order reaction, second order reaction, molecularity of reaction, factor affecting rate of reaction, different theory of reaction i.e collision theory, transition theory, Arrhenius equation. After discussion of important concepts sir explained the questions of test in detail so that students can understand the topic well. Sir discussed the method by which students can solve questions in minimum time. what mistakes can be done by students during the exam? What are the possible questions which can be asked based on different concepts of chemical kinetics. Assertion reason questions solving technique are discussed, how assertion reason questions can be solved with accuracy in minimum time. 

After watching this video you would be able to grasp the concepts of chemical kinetics. You would be able to learn different type of questions from chemical kinetics. You would learn short trick which can be helpful in solving the questions in time bound exam. 

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