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Chemistry Sample Paper Video Solution 2019

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Hello Future Doctors

Hope you are fine and must be doing well in your life. Today I come with the video solution of sample paper from our Chemistry Chapterwise Test Series with Video Solution for NEET/AIIMS 2019. We have already uploaded the Sample Paper in the Free Chapter Wise Quizzes of chemistry. In this sample paper we have included 30 questions (25 MCQ and 5 Assertion reason questions). 15 questions were taken from Periodic Table and 15 questions from Chemical Bonding. Free questions inluded in this sample paper are from topics like electronegativity, ionisation potential, electron affinity, period and groups, hybridisation, geometry of inorganic compounds, vital force theory, VSPER theory, molecular orbital theory, lewis structure, fajan's rule. Students who have taken the test, must have noted their mistakes. To help in removing their  mistakes we provide video solution of each question. We have uploaded the sample paper video solution on youtube. In this video Sunil Nain sir explained each questions of Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding. 

You are suggested to watch this video after taking this test. Watch this video completely and note down your mistakes. Revise your mistakes again and again. 

Click Here to watch Sample Paper Video Solution. 

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