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free video lectures for neet

NEET and AIIMS 2020 are simple exams. But, they are made to sound and look agonisingly hard. In fact, the road to success is pretty simple: regular study using the right study materials. That’s it. You don’t need to do anything extra. 

However, many students struggle with finding the right study materials. And adding to that, they aren’t able to join classes even if they wish to because of financial constraints. No more. 

Keeping such issues in mind, BeWise classes has decided to upload all its Chemistry lectures on its YouTube channel, free of cost! Yes, each Chemistry lecture held at BeWise classes will be recorded and then uploaded online for everybody to see and learn. 

Why are we doing this? 

We at BeWise Classes have one simple wish: each deserving student gets access to right study material and clear the NEET and AIIMS exam. And that’s why we have decided to provide free Chemistry video lectures. 

We are not looking to make any money here. All we need is that you take complete advantage of these video lectures and get a top rank in AIIMS/NEET 2020. 

free lectures for neet


All you need to do is download the BeWise Classes app and subscribe to the BeWise Classes Youtube channel. This way, you will stay updated on when a new video lecture (Wednesday of each week) is uploaded and if a certain lecture is delayed. 

Along with the syllabus for AIIMS and NEET 2020, the lectures cover all the NCERT aspects of Chemistry too. This way, your base for Chemistry will be ready.

Test series come to your aid as well! 

Along with the Chemistry video lectures, there is one more thing you should do that that will guarantee you a good score in the upcoming NEET and AIIMS examination - the test series. 

Yes, test series. We all know how helpful these test series are. They help us evaluate how well prepared we are and also tell us which chapters we need to pay more attention to. 

Chemistry Test Series with Video Lectures


When you sign up for the ‘Chemistry Test Series’, you get access to the 2019 test series edition as well. The 2019 edition will help you prepare for any coaching class tests you take this year. And the 2020 edition will make you ready for the AIIMS and NEET 2020. 

And signing up for the test series is pretty simple too: Go to the BeWise classes app or website, then head to courses, choose Chemistry test series. There will be two editions: 

  • Class 11: For students who are in class 11, the price for the test series is Rs. 1,490. 
  • Class 12: For students in class 12 or those who’ve taken a gap year after clearing the class 12 exams, the price for the test series is Rs. 2,490. 

In case someone finds the price expensive, they can apply the promo code ‘CHEMISTRY’. There’s a discount of Rs. 400 for class 11 and Rs. 600 for class 12 test series. 

A new test will be made available on Sundays in the evenings. Take care of any other activity during the day and then take the test with ease. And of course, you can access the video solutions for each test right away. It will help you see where you went wrong, what were the right answers, and what you can do to improve your score. 

Use these study materials wisely 

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All these free Chemistry video lectures and test series is well and good. But, if you don’t use them to your benefit, then it is a waste of time for everyone. So, do this: 

  • Try and solve previous years’ questions every day. 
  • Once you do, find out your errors and mistakes right away and rectify them. 
  • If you find a subject hard, solve the easy questions first, gain confidence and then tackle the more difficult ones. 
  • Practice, practice, practice. 

It is that simple. Put in honest hours of hard work, use the study materials given to you, and take ample amounts of break time to rejuvenate yourself. That’s the key to scoring good marks in NEET and AIIMS 2020. 



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