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5 Tips - How not to Lose Focus During Medical Entrance Exam Preparation

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Lakhs of students undergo rigorous medical entrance exam preparation every year. After all, it is their ticket to India’s best undergraduate medical programs.

To succeed, they need to put in solid hard work coupled with sharp focus because the seats are limited and aspirants too many. Keeping this dilemma in mind, here are a few handy tips on how not to lose focus during the preparation stage.

So, How To Not Lose Focus During Medical Entrance Exam Preparation becomes important.

Understand what you’re up against

The mind cannot focus in front of too many obstacles. If you do not have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus or the pattern of the medical entrance test, you will lose focus while studying because your mind does not have an accurate picture of what to study and what to not.

Go to the websites of the examinations, take stock of the dates, paper pattern, syllabus, and books you’ll need. It becomes easier to prepare for the test once you have all the information at hand.

Make lots of short notes for medical exams

You cannot remember everything you’ve read, it is just not possible. That’s why making notes is so important. When you prepare notes, you reinforce what you’ve read. They come in handy during your preparation because you cannot go back to reading an entire chapter each time.

Don’t count the hours you study for NEET and AIIMS

The number of hours spent studying doesn’t correlate to exam success. It’s all about how well you study each chapter. So, go ahead, study the chapters, pay attention to each word and number. Thinking about the number of hours you’ve studied is an excellent way to derail your medical entrance exam preparation. Let time take care of itself.  


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But, count the hours you sleep

When you get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep: you are alert, experience improved memory power, and are all-around active. Inadequate sleep affects your ability to concentrate and dents your preparation. Aim for the seven-eight-hour mark, nothing can boost your preparation like sleep.


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Relax your mind even while preparing for exam

If you do not want to lose focus, value relaxation. It is an important part of your medical entrance exam preparation. Respect your mind and body. Take a walk after a few hours of study, play a game with your friends, maybe take an entire day off every two weeks.

These five tips should help you not lose focus while studying and excel in your medical entrance exams. All the best.


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