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How to find Best Mock Test Series for NEET Exam? 

NEET Exam is few days away & aspirants are sweating it hard to perform their best in NEET Exam. For a good performance in NEET exam it becomes imperative that aspirants become familiar with exam & attempt few mock tests. Mock tests will help student analyse their performance & they could  work on their mistakes. In this article Sunil Sir discusses qualities of a good mock test & how to use mock tests.

5 Minutes Read, by Sunil Nain, Best Chemistry Faculty of Kota

NEET 2023 Exam is going to be held on 7th May 2023 &  NEET aspirants are trying their best to cover complete syllabus for all three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Many students have already completed their syllabus and are now focussing on sample papers & mock tests. However before starting Students should thoroughly verify quality & authenticity of mock test papers. Every NEET aspirant who wants to improve their score should read this article till the end & in less than 5 minutes you will realise importance of choosing correct mock test papers.

What is a NEET Exam mock test?

Mock papers, also known as mock tests or practice tests, are designed to simulate an actual exam environment and provide students with an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in a particular subject or topic. They are often used as a form of preparation for an upcoming exam or test.

NEET Exam mock papers are typically designed to be similar in format and structure to the NEET exam and may include a range of question types, such as multiple choice, match the column and problem-solving questions. They are often timed to help students manage their time effectively during the exam. They can be an effective tool for students to assess their level of preparation and identify areas where they need to focus their studying efforts.

NEET exam is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) & NTA also provides few mock test for NEET exam, but let's first check what are the importance of mock tests in NEET exam.

Importance of Mock Test in NEET Exam

Attempting mock tests & analysing their result is extremely important for securing a good score in NEET exam for the following reason :-

  • Familiarization with Exam Pattern :  Mock papers simulate the actual NEET exam environment and format. They help students to understand the structure of the exam, including the types of questions, time management, and marking paper attempting scheme and strategy. This familiarity helps to reduce anxiety and improve performance on the actual exam day. 
  • Time Management : Mock papers are often timed, which helps students to develop their time management skills. It helps them to learn how to allocate their time efficiently to different sections or questions in the exam. 
  • Self-AssessmentMock papers help students to assess their level of preparation and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Students can analyze their performance, learn from their mistakes, and improve their weak areas. 
  • Confidence BuildingMock papers for NEET exam help students to build their confidence and reduce anxiety about the actual exam. The more practice they get, the more confident they become in their abilities, and the less likely they are to make mistakes due to exam pressure. 
  • Better Exam PerformanceMock papers improve the overall exam performance of students. With consistent practice, students become familiar with the exam pattern, learn how to manage their time efficiently, and improve their accuracy in answering questions. This leads to better scores and higher chances of success in competitive exams. 

In short, mock paper practice is a crucial step in NEET exam preparation. It helps students develop  necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in the exam.

You must have realised the importance of mock test by now, but how to choose a good mock test fro NEET exam.

Qualities of a good Mock Test for NEET exam

  • Realistic  (Paper level & format)  : The mock test should be as close to the real exam as possible, in terms of the format, difficulty level, and time limit. This will help students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and prepare accordingly.

  • Cover all topics (Comprehensive) : The mock test should cover all the important topics and concepts that are likely to be tested in the actual exam. It should include a variety of questions that assess different levels of difficulty. 
  • FeedbackThe mock test should provide immediate feedback to students on their performance, including their strengths and weaknesses. This will help students to identify areas where they need to improve and focus their efforts accordingly.

Types of Mock Test & how to use them for NEET exam

There are mainly two types of test students should take to strengthen their command on topics.

  • Chapter-wise mock test
  • Complete syllabus mock test

Chapter-wise mock tests help students in quick revision of the chapter & to identify the mistakes & eventually rectify errors. Through these tests NEET aspirants can revise specific topic or chapter they want to cover. BeWise Classes through it's Care Test Series covers 60+ Chemistry chapter-wise mock tests, 7 part tests and 20 full syllabus NEET 2023 mock tests. BeWise Classes’ CARE 2023 Test Series is India’s best Chemistry online chapter-wise test series for NEET 2023 exam. BeWise Classes through its PARAS test series covers 78 Chapter wise tests ( 20 Physics Tests, 20 Chemistry Tests, 24 Botany Tests, 14 Zoology Tests) covering the complete syllabus for NEET 2023 & 3500+ NCERT-based Questions with detailed explanations are included in this test series.


Complete syllabus mock tests are generally taken during the final preparations for NEET Exam. Primary goal of these mock tests is to give student NEET exam like atmosphere & other exam day experience like time management, paper attempt strategy etc. BeWise Classes offers best complete syllabus Mock test BEAT. BEAT stands for BeWise Elite All-India Test , is exactly based on NEET's Latest Pattern & specially designed to test and analyze your preparation. BeWise BEAT Test Series will also help in boosting your score in NEET 2023. BEAT Test Series gives you a structured learning plan along with a Revision Strategy, real-time preparation analysis & a chance to compete with All India students.


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Sunil Nain,

Best Chemistry Faculty for NEET Exam, NEET Guide & Motivator

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