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How to prepare for AIIMS 2019 - Exam Strategy and Study Plan of 9 months by Sunil Sir

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Dear Future Doctors

This blog is all about preparation strategy and study plan for AIIMS 2019. Most of the students are confused about their preparation strategy.They don't have their time table. They start their study without any study plan. Later on they realise that their preparation is not up to mark. You know that you can't achieve anything without planning. So before going to prepare for AIIMS 2019 you should make strategy of your preparation and your time table must be ready. But many students find making strategy a tedious job or they don't know how to make study plan and time table. Through this blog I am going to guide you how to make strategy and time table. 

Many students are confused about which book to read for AIIMS preparation. There are many books available in the market for AIIMS preparation. Students don't know which one is good for them or which one is relevant to AIIMS exam. Want to know which book is suitable for AIIMS preparation. Watch this Video

Some students worry about study hours. How many hours a student should study in a day? At what time should they study in a day. I have discussed all these questions in this video. Click Here to Watch

Students always worry about their score, they always think about cutoff of AIIMS exam. How much they should score so that they can get admission in AIIMS delhi. How to score 140+ in AIIMS 2019. What can be cutoff of AIIMS 2019. All these questions are discussed in this video. 

Sometimes students call me and they ask how many chapters they should complete in a week, How many subject they should study in a day. How many questions they should practise in a chapter. Which test series is best for AIIMS preparation. Whther they should join any online test series or not. I have made a video on these questions. and I make a perfect strategy for AIIMS aspirants. Study plan and time table are also discussed in this video. So who are not able to make theor strategy and not able to make study pla, they may watch this video. 

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