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How To Prepare For AIIMS – GK In 20 Days

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How How To Prepare For AIIMS–GK In 20 Days

When you have 20 days left for the AIIMS 2019 examinations, it is the last lap of the preparation stage. All those hours at the classes, all those painstakingly created notes, all those mock tests, and all those hours studying – they all come together in these last 20 days. And if you, the candidate, use them right, you are assured of getting the scores you need in the GK section of this all-important examination. And how do you use them? We tell you how. 
AIIMS – GK In 20 Days

1.    Your classes 
In these 20 days, learning a new chapter is not the right thing to do. Now is the time you take a look at what you’ve learned and collect all the doubts from them and get them solved at the classes you may go to. 

There are two ways to see if you’ve any doubts. One is to study all the chapters in the syllabus – something you must have by now. Two is a more effective option and the best study strategy in these 20 days – tests. 

2.    Take tests, a lot
All of last year, you studied, studied, and studied. But all these hours of study must undergo testing to see if your hard work has paid any dividend. And that’s why you take mock tests and solve previous year’s exam papers. 

The more you do them, the better you will understand what you know and more importantly, what you do not. Note down all the questions, collect all the doubts, and get them solved either through your notes or from the classes you attend. 

3.    Don’t let the doubts scare you
To see that you have doubts or not understanding a concept is scary, especially at this time. But, don’t let them. It’s good that you’ve doubts now, you still have 20 days to understand them and trust yourself that you will. Being scared never led anyone to victory. If you don’t understand the difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, get the doubt solved and don’t ignore it thinking (or hoping) that the examination won’t test you on it. 

4.    Let your classes help you 
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