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Should You Drop a Year for NEET 2020?

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NEET 2020 Dropper

The NEET 2019 results are out. And like each year, we got to see happy stories of toppers and stories of those whose results didn’t exceed expectations.  
At present, several students are unsure about college due to their marks and rank. And as a result, these students are thinking to drop a year, study, and take the NEET 2020. Is this the right decision? We tell you.

1.    Let us help you

Tips for NEET Droppers

Students who’ve scored 550-560+ can relax. You will in all probability get a college seat. 
For the ones who’ve scored lower and even the students in 550-560 range, here’s how we can help you. First, here is a Google form link you can fill:  this form
Fill this form. All you need to provide is your name, contact number, email id, NEET marks, All India Marks (AIR), Chemistry marks if you were a BeWise Classes student. 
We will analyse the information you provide. Once done, we will tell you if you will be admitted into a medical college (we will answer for all states in India). 

2.    Students with a score between 400-450 

Droppers for NEET exam

Now, these are students whose scores are not high enough that they are assured of a college seat and neither are they so low that they have no hopes of admission.
For such students, the best plan of action right now is to wait for the AIIMS 2019 result. If you get in, good. If not, then you will have to seriously consider whether you wish to take a drop for one year or change your stream. 

3.    Students who’ve scored below 400 & it is their 3rd or 4th attempt 

Neet dropper

For these students, it is a tough time. At BeWise Classes, we do not like to give false hope and assurance. We think if this is your 3rd and 4th attempt and you have scored below 400, then you should seriously consider changing your stream. Maybe you are destined to become a big star in another field. You can opt for BSc and considering all these years of study of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, you can actually do well there. 

4. You’ve decided to take a drop

NEET exam dropper bewise classes

Before you actually do this, take up admission is a regular college (BSc, BA, B Com, or another degree) and if that’s not possible, at least a distance education course. This is particularly important for those students who have attempted the paper at least twice or thrice.  Why? You’ve got a backup. 
Second, consider the financial condition of your family before taking this step. If your family’s condition is not healthy, maybe you can work hard and self-study instead of investing lots of money in classes. On the other hand, if your family is wealthy and wants you to join a private medical college, say yes. It is better than dropping a year. 
Once you’ve taken a drop, here is what you should do. Consider NCERT as your GOD. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, for these subjects, NCERT is everything. Study the books with complete dedication and you will sail through the NEET 2020 exam. 

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