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Should you prepare for one more year for NEET Exam or not?

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NEET 2018 result was declared on June 4, 2018. Some of the students have qualified NEET exam with very good rank, they must be elated and must have celebrated their success. But some students could not qualify or some of the successful candidates didn't score enough to get admission in their dream college. So in this situtaion there may be pressure of family to quit NEET Exam preparation on the one side and on the other side you might be thinking about fulfilling your dream. Now you may be confused whether to drop for one more year or to follow family decision. So I am writing this article for unsuccessful candidates so that after reading this post they may able to take the plunge to drop for one more year preparation of NEET Exam. Before going to decide, you must find out your fault why you could not score well in NEET Exam, what were your mistakes, reasons for your poor performance. Your reason may be one of the following reasons :-

Reasons of Your failure:-
1. Not Study Well - It is one of the most common reason of not performing well in the exam. You might haven't studied well during your NEET preparation, reason may be because of any disease, you couldn't studied because of board exam pressure. You avoid study voluntarily sometimes.
2. Improper Coaching institute - You might haven't got good study material in the institute. Institute where you prepared for NEET exam wasn't upto NEET exam standard. Because of this you couldn't perform well in NEET Exam.
3. Friend Circle -Sometimes you make friends so that you can study together and can clear doubts. But you trap in bad company of friends. It might be one of the reason of your weak performance.
4. Homesickness - Most of the students take coaching for NEET Exam preparation and for coaching they move to other cities. But sometimes students didn't get better food, good living standards and because of this they suffer from homesickness and they are not able to study well. This might be one of the cause of your failure.
5. D day pressure - You may be psychologically very weak and you were not able to handle the exam pressure. You become nervous on the exam day. Due to this you were not able to attempt the NEET EXAM as per your strength on D day.
6. Couldn't comprehend with Coaching Study Style - You might have joined coaching after 10th class. But teaching in school is totally different from coaching institute . So you were not able to comprehend with coaching. You might work hard but your result was not upto mark beacause you couldn't understand the subject or NEET questions pattern.
7. Guidance - Guidance is one the most important aspect in NEET preparation. Without right guidance you can't crack such a national level exam . This is an era of smart work not of hard work. Some students work very hard but their performance is not up to level. This is because students work hard in the wrong direction because of no guidance or wrong guidance.

These may be the reason of your poor performance in NEET exam. So first do home work on these points and try to find the reason why you could crack NEET exam. After that you would be able to take the plunge of NEET preparation for one more year.

Whether to drop or not?

Just finding the reason is not enough to take the decision of drop for one more year NEET preparation. Some other factors are also there which you must consider before taking decision. There are some important point which will make you sure whether to drop or not, please go through it before making your final decision. 

1. Zero to Dream score - This is very important factor. Students trap to different coaching institute advertisement and they get admission there for one more year. Different coaching make them fool like you are just on the boundary line or you are just on the edge. But students forget that they have to start from zero. For. Eg if a student scores 430 in NEET exam. And he wants t score 570+ next year, he thinks that he have to increase only 140 marks only and he forget that he have to start it from zero next year. So remember your journey will start from zero whatever was your score this year. If you ready to work hard without worrying about any other hurdles, you must go for one more year NEET preparation.
2. Patience - Patience is must if you want to crack an exam like NEET in which there is cut throat competition. If you are going to prepare for one more year for NEET exam then you have to be very cool and have to study with patience. Because when we couldn't fulfill our dream, we are very eager to get it fulfilled and sometimes we loose our patience. So think whether you will able to hold on your nerves or not before taking the plunge of drop.
3. Finance Condition - Finance plays an important role in your education. If you are thinking about one year preparation for NEET Exam. It will cost you around 2.5 lacs (including coaching fees). It will be extra burden on your family. If your family is ready to afford this much amount then you may think for NEET Coaching for one more year
4. Age factor - It is true that age is just a number. Still age matters a lot while preparing for NEET exam. According to me if you are 19-20 years old you may go for.one more year preparation. If you are older than 21 then it is not wise decision to go for one more year NEET preparation.
5. Self Confidence - This is very important for every students. If you are not confident about your study, hard work then you will never succeed . One more important thing is that you have to be confident throughout year not for one day, one week or one month, you have to be confident throughout year. So first check your confidence level then go for NEET preparation.

Here I tried to explain the reason of your poor performance. First find out the reason behind your weak result. I also discuss some factors which are important while taking the decision of drop or one more year coaching. Find the reasons and consider these factors before taking the plunge. I hope this article might have clarified some of your doubts.

My best wishes are with you.!

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