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Success Planner for 2023 | Special Study Planner for Students

Plan your Success now with BeWise Study Planner

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Language: English

Instructors: Sunil Nain

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Planner Features

Previous Year at Glance

Goal Planner (Dream College & Job)

Travel Bucket List & Habits to Inculcate

Monthly Planner, Schedule, Appointments

Plan the Week & Meal Planner

Daily Planner & Weekly Review

Bewise Classes have always tried their best to help the students to do whatever it takes to crack the exam. Exam preparation needs consistent efforts, daily long study hours, planning short term goals and targets, giving equal time to all subjects etc in studies. Along with that, it is also very important for a student to maintain a healthy lifestyle and daily routine for which good habits and an effective meal plan are necessary. It helps the student to keep both mind and body in a good and healthy state for better performance. To help students manage all these things in one place effectively, we have launched BEWISE CLASSES STUDY PLANNER for the students.

What is Bewise Success Planner?

Bewise study planner is a time management tool. It is a one-time solution to all the planning-related issues that an aspirant might face during his/her preparation time. It consists of a single booklet in which student can plan their daily, weekly as well as monthly targets to organize their work and study plans in a better way. It also consists of a habit tracker which can prove to be the best way for a student to develop any habit by keeping track of it on daily basis. Meal planners are also provided to keep a check on the eating habits of a student. So, students can clearly use BEWISE SUCCESS PLANNER for their Macro as well as micro planning related to exam preparation.

Why does every aspirant need BeWise STUDY PLANNER?

Proper planning is the most important part and key to success in any exam. To maintain a proper study plan and keep track of all the necessary goals and targets an effective planner plays an important role. There are some reasons why BeWise STUDY PLANNER is a must for every aspirant. 

  • It helps students to keep track of all the goals and targets effectively’ · 
  • It helps students to keep a check on the deadlines · 
  • It helps students to prioritize the most important task first. 
  • It helps in the better organization of multiple tasks at one go effectively. 
  • If used properly, a planner can be proved as one of the best time-saving tools.
  • Proper time management, it can greatly help students to improve their productivity to a great extent.
How is it different from any other study planner?

There must be many study planners available to students. Every such planner has its features and benefits that make it effective and helpful for students. BeWise STUDY PLANNER has been specially designed by keeping in mind all the challenges that students face during any sort of planning for their exam. These are certain highlighting features of BEWISE STUDY PLANNER that make it different from any other ordinary planner.

YEARLY PLANNER:- BeWise Success Planner contains Yearly Pages. Students can track their year long performance in one place. 

MACRO AS WELL AS MICRO PLANNER:- Bewise study planner allows students to set their targets and goals not only on daily basis, but also on a weekly and monthly basis. This can help students to track their academic achievement in short term as well as long term.

MEAL TRACKER:- Balanced diet and the proper meal is essential part to keep students’ mind and body active and in a good state. It is often being observed that students ignore the importance of timely meals or get indulged in irregular eating habits due to long study hours. So understanding the importance of MEAL, an effective meal planner has been included in the BEWISE PLANNER 

HABIT TRACKER:- Habits are an essential part of the overall personality of a person. And student's life is best to develop some good habits and also the most vulnerable age to get into wrong habits and addiction of various things like social media etc. So to develop or get rid of any habit, a good habit tracker is necessary to be included in a student's yearly planner. So, we have added a habit tracker to help students to have a check on their good as well as bad habits on daily basis. 

Overall, BEWISE STUDY PLANNER is a one-stop solution to all the planning related challenges faced by any student. Aspirants must have BeWise SUCCESS PLANNER to organize everything effectively to save their time and efforts. This will surely help them to improve their overall productivity.

How to get it

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  • Do login using a Computer or Mobile App.
  • Go to My Courses.
  • Check an Assignment named ( Your Address detail) there. Fill in all the required details.
  • Once you submitted the assignment. We will send the Success Planner.
  • Receive the Success Planner. Start using it. Make Monthly, Weekly & Daily study plans & targets and try to achieve it.


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