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CARE 2024 - Class 11 Chemistry Chapter Wise Test Series for NEET 2024

Ensure 180/180 in Chemistry in NEET 2024

Instructors: Sunil Nain Sir | 10,000+ Happy Selected Students

Valid Till: 2023-03-31

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CARE 2024 - Class 11 Chemistry Chapter-wise Test Series for NEET 2024 with Video Solution

  • Are you looking for the Class 11 Chemistry Online Chapter-wise test series for NEET 2024?
  • Do you want to assess your Class 11 Chemistry preparation at home?
  • Do you need a quick revision of Class 11 Chemistry for NEET 2024?
  • Is 180/180 your target score in Chemistry in NEET 2024?
  • Are you looking for the Class 11 Chemistry Mock Tests with Video Solution for NEET 2024 Exam?
  • Do you want to know how to solve Chemistry Questions in minimum time with the help of tricks & shortcut methods?
    • If your answer is YES, then you are at the right place to take a Class 11 Chemistry Chapter-wise Test Series for NEET 2024.

    BeWise Classes’ CARE 2024 Test Series is India’s best class 11 Chemistry online chapter-wise test series for NEET 2024 exam. CARE 2024 includes 30+ Class 11 Chemistry chapter-wise mock tests, 3 part tests and 2 full syllabus mock tests for NEET 2024. All the mock tests are based on the latest pattern of the NEET exam & curated by expert faculty from Kota. It contains 1500+ NCERT-based Chemistry questions with step-by-step explanations for NEET 2024 exam. A detailed video solution is provided for each chapter-wise & full syllabus mock test which helps students in quick revision of the chapter & to identify the mistakes & eventually rectify errors.

Course Highlights

 30+ Chemistry Chapter-wise Mock Tests with detailed Video Solution
 2 NEET Exam latest pattern mock test per chapter
 3 Chemistry Part-wise Mock Test for a quick revision.
 2+ Chemistry full syllabus mock tests for NEET 2024.
 1500+ NCERT-based Chemistry MCQs with step-by-step explanation.
 Complete Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus Covered
 Downloadble PDF Solution of each mock test.
 90% of Questions are solely based on the NCERT syllabus
 10% of Questions are of a higher level designed to give an edge in the NEET exam
 Curated by NEET Expert Sunil Nain Sir (best Chemistry faculty of Kota)

Key Features of the Course

by Best Kota Faculty

All the tests & video solutions are prepared by Sunil Nain sir – the best Chemistry faculty of Kota

NEET Latest Pattern

Latest pattern of the NEET exam followed, which allows students to understand patterns & difficulty levels.

Mistakes Analysis & Removal

Detailed video solutions help students to identify mistakes & rectify them & improve question solving ability

Short Tricks & Shortcut Method

Learn Tricks & Short-cut methods to solve questions in minimum time, it will help to save time in NEET exam.

Quick & Multiple Revisions

Chapter-wise, part & full syllabus tests help in multiple revisions of the Chemistry syllabus for NEET 2024 exam

Bookmark Option Facility

Students can bookmark the important questions & can revise them later, helpful in revision in the last hour.

Access Anytime Anywhere

Students can download content & can access it offline. Content is available round the clock.

Performance Report

A detailed analysis is provided to keep track of progress & enabling to improve score.

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Course Curriculum

CARE 2024 Test Series Schedule
1. CARE 2024 Test Series Schedule (4 pages) Preview
1. Downloadable CARE 2024 Test Series Schedule (4 pages)
1. Mole Concept Paper
1. Mole Concept Paper 2023
2. Mole Concept 2023 PDF Solution (51 pages)
3. Mole Concept Q1-35 Video Solution 2023
4. Mole Concept Q36-50 Video Solution 2023 (48:00)
2. Atomic Structure Paper
1. Atomic Structure Paper 2023
2. Atomic Structure 2023 PDF Solution (51 pages)
3. Atomic Structure Q1-35 Video Solution 2023 (85:00)
4. Atomic Structure Q36-50 Video Solution 2023 (32:00)
3. Periodic Table Paper
1. Periodic Table Paper 2023

Sunil Nain

Best Chemistry Faculty of Kota

He has received countless positive reviews and comments for his NEET Chemistry classes & NEET motivation sessions. Under his guidance, a number of students have cracked medical entrance exams like JIPMER, AIIMS and NEET Exam.He has 7+ years of experience for pre-medical entrance exams like NEET, AIIMS


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