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Best Online Chemistry NEET 2021 Crash Course & Test Series - Prepared by NEET Expert from Kota Coaching

Join India’s best Online Chemistry Crash Course & Test Series for NEET 2021 & Boost your rank in NEET 2021 | Get 100 Hours Videos, 75+ NEET Pattern Chemistry Tests with Video Solution, 9000+ Chemistry Questions for NEET with detailed explanation

Are you WORRIED because of very little time left for NEET 2021 Exam? 
Are you taking too much time to complete NEET Chemistry?
Are you finding it challenging to complete Chemistry Syllabus?

Are you wasting more time in Unimportant Chemistry Concepts?

Looking for Chemistry Questions for NEET with explanation?

If Yes,
Then This Combine Package of NEET Crash Course, NEET Chemistry Test Series & Chemistry Question Bank is Just Made For You.


Features: - 

  1. Complete NEET Chemistry in 100 Hours
  2. 60+ Chemistry Chapter wise Tests & 20 Major NEET Pattern Chemistry Tests
  3. Lecture wise Daily Practice problems9000+ Chemistry Questions for NEET with detailed explanation.
  4. NEET Chemistry Chapter wise Questions PDFs are uploaded & PDFs are downloadable.
  5. Video Lectures are enriched with examples taken from NEET Previous Year Questions.
  6. Complete Physical Chemistry, inorganic Chemistry & Organic Chemistry for NEET are covered.
  7. Kota Classroom Video lectures - Prepared by NEET expert faculty from Kota Coaching.
  8. You can access course online at home - Mobile, Computer and Tablet.

Advantage: -

  1. FOCUS ON SCORING MARKS: Cover Important Parts First
  2. 24x7 Doubt Support Monitored by Sunil Nain Sir
  3. Private Telegram Group for Doubt Solving.
  4. Complete Chemistry Revision in Less Time.
  5. Time Saving and Economical
  6. Learn Time Management.
  7. 15000+ Positive Reviews and Happy Students

Complete NEET Chemistry COVERED as per NCERT Class 11th & Class 12th Chemistry Syllabus 

  1. Organic Chemistry for NEET Exam
    1. General Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques. IUPAC Nomenclature
    2. Isomerism
    3. GOC I
    4. GOC II
    5. Hydrocarbon
    6. Environmental Chemistry
    7. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
    8. Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
    9. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids
    10. Amines
    11. Biomolecules
    12. Polymer
    13. Chemistry in Everyday Life
  2. Physical Chemistry for NEET Exam
    1. Some Basics Concepts of Chemistry - Mole Concept
    2. Structure of Atom
    3. States of Matter
    4. Thermodynamics
    5. Chemical Equilibrium
    6. Ionic Equilibrium
    7. Redox Reactions
    8. Solid State
    9. Solutions
    10. Electrochemistry
    11. Chemical Kinetics
    12. Surface chemistry
  3. Inorganic Chemistry for NEET Exam
    1. Periodicity and Classification of Elements
    2. Chemical Bonding and its Molecular Structure
    3. Hydrogen
    4. The s-Block Elements
    5. The p-Block Elements - Boron & Carbon Family
    6. The p-Block Elements
    7. The d-and f-block Elements
    8. Coordination Compounds
    9. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Hurry Up! Join today & start preparing for NEET 2021. Boost your Rank in NEET 2021 with our Rank Booster Package (Chemistry Crash Course + NEET Pattern Chemistry Online Test Series & Chemistry Question Bank.

Package Contents

NEET 2021 Rank Booster Course
Sunil Nain Sir | 10,000+ Happy Selected Students
Chemistry NEET Online Test Series (Chapter Wise) - 3500+ Chemistry MCQs with Detailed Video Solution
Sunil Nain
Chemistry Crash Course for NEET 2021
Sunil Nain Sir | 10,000+ Happy Selected Students
All India NEET 2021 FREE LIVE TEST - Attempt & Win Cash prizes
Sunil Nain

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