PARAS - Best NCERT based Online Test Series for NEET 2022 | Chapter-wise Test with Explanation
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PARAS - NEET 2022 Chapter-wise Test Series

78 NCERT based Tests ( 20 Physics Tests, 20 Chemistry Tests, 24 Botany Tests, 14 Zoology Tests)

Helpful in Quick Revision of NEET 2022 Syllabus

Specially Designed for the students who are preparing for Top Medical Colleges of India, not just for the NEET.

Language: English

Instructors: Sunil Nain Sir | 10,000+ Happy Selected Students

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NEET exam preparation is incomplete until you practice well before the final exam. A mock test is a good way to check your NEET preparation. If you want to do a quick revision and check your NEET exam preparation level. Here is the BeWise Classes PARAS Chapter-wise Test series for NEET 2022. Join this test series as it is specially tailored for Topic-wise practice & quick revision of the NEET 2022 syllabus. It consists of 78 Unit Tests prepared with a detailed explanation. To get the maximum of the test series, take the test seriously & analyze your performance & note down the mistakes.

Course Description:

BeWise Classes’ PARAS Test series for NEET 2022 is prepared by the expert faculty from Kota. This test series is designed in a way that students can practice each & every topic of the NEET exam. By taking these unit mock tests, students would be able to do quick revision & can check their preparation level.


  1. Sunil SirBest Chemistry Faculty of Kota 
  2. Shivali Ma’am – More than 15 Years’ Experience. More than 5 students scored 355+ marks in NEET 2021. (Biology)
  3. Himanshu Sir – More than 8 Years’ Experience (Physics)
Course Detail: -
  1. 78 NCERT based NEET Pattern Unit wise Tests
  2. 20 Physics Unit Tests, 1 Hour Duration
  3. 20 Chemistry Unit Tests, 1 Hour Duration
  4. 24 Botany Unit Tests, 40 Minutes Duration
  5. 14 Zoology Unit Tests, 40 Minutes Duration
  6. NCERT based Mock test for NEET 2022.
  7. Step by step detailed explanation of each question.
  8. Cover the complete syllabus of NEET 2022
  9. Questions are taken from NEET Chemistry, Physics & Biology.
  10. Short tricks & short-cut methods are given along with the solution.
Features: - 

  1. Prepared by Subject Experts - NEET 2022 test series is designed by the NEET expert with more than 15 years of experience. 
  2. Effective & Personalized – As the NEET 2022 test series contains detailed solutions, it is the most Effective & personalized test series for NEET 2022 exam. 
  3. Master the concepts – Students can grasp the concepts & can apply them while solving questions in the NEET exam. 
  4. Helpful in quick revision of the NEET syllabus. 
  5. Students can bookmark the important questions for revision before the exam. 
  6. Get ALL India Rank – Know your performance at All India Level. 
  7. In-depth analysis of the test helps in understanding the weak points. 
  8. Tests can be taken on Mobile, Tablet & Laptop
  9. Students can access these tests anywhere, anytime & on any device

Why BeWise Classes?

  1. BeWise Team is honestly working to provide the best platform to future doctors.
  2. BeWise Team is always dedicated to helping needy students.
  3. Counselling Calls on a regular interval
  4. Regular Motivational session by Sunil Nain Sir
  5. Special Mentor Sunil Nain Sir for each & every student
  6. 3,00,000+ Subscribers on BeWise Classes YouTube Channel and still counting
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Course Curriculum

Test No. Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology
Test 01 Unit, Dimension &
Error Analysis
Mole Concept
The Living
Animal Kingdom -01
Test 02 Motion in a
Straight Line
Atomic Structure
Animal Kingdom - 02
Test 03 Motion in a Plane
Periodic Table
Structural Organisation
in Animals
Test 04 Newton’s Law
of Motion
Chemical Bonding
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Digestion and Absorption
Test 05
Work, Energy & Power
S-Block Elements & Hydrogen, Boron & Carbon Family
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Test 06
System of Particles and Rotational Motion
IUPAC Nomenclature, POC &
Cell : The Unit of Life
Body Fluids and Circulation
Test 07
General Organic Chemistry (GOC-I)
Excretory Products and Their Elimination
Test 08
Mechanical Properties of Solid & Fluid
Hydrocarbons & Environmental Chemistry
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Locomotion and Movement
Test 09
Thermal Properties of Matter
Gaseous State & Redox Reactions
Transport in Plants
Neural Control and Coordination
Test 10
Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases
Mineral Nutrition
Chemical Coordination and Integration
Test 11
Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Human Reproduction
Test 12
P-Block Elements Group 15, 16, 17, 18
Respiration in Plants
Reproductive Health
Test 13
Electric Charges and Fields
D & F Block Elements & Metallurgy
Plants Growth and Development
Test 14
Potential and Capacitance
Coordination Compounds
Reproduction in Organisms
Human Health and Disease
Test 15
Current Electricity
General Organic Chemistry - 2 (GOC - II)
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Organisms and Populations
Test 16
Moving Charges and Magnetism
Alkyl Halide & Oxygen Containing Compounds
Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Test 17
Magnetism and Matter, EM Waves, EMI, AC
Nitrogen-Containing Compounds, Biomolecules & Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Biodiversity and Conservation
Test 18
Ray Optics & Optical Instruments, Wave Optics
Chemical Kinetics & Solid State
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Environmental Issues
Test 19
Dual Nature of Matters, Atomic Structure
Microbes in Human Welfare
Zoology Class 11
Test 20
Nuclei, Semiconductor Electronics
Solutions & Surface Chemistry
Biotechnology : Principles and Processes & its Applications
Zoology Class 12

Note 1: - 

Animal Kingdom 01 -  Basis of Classification; Porifera; Cnidaria; Ctenophora ; Platyhelminthes; Aschelminthes; Annelida; Arthropod; Mollusca ; Echinodermata

Animal Kingdom 02 - Hemichordata; Chordata (Urochordata, Cephalochordata; Vertebrata)

Note 2: - Unit Tests 15,16,17,18 Contains only the Botany syllabus. Botany Chapters questions will be there in the Zoology section.

What makes it different.

78 Chapter-wise Tests

20 Physics Unit Tests

20 Chemistry Unit Tests

24 Botany Unit Tests

14 Zoology Unit Tests

NCERT Based Tests

80% of Questions are solely based on the NCERT covering the complete NEET syllabus.

By NEET Expert

Prepared by NEET Expert Faculty from Kota

Detailed Solution

Each Test contains step by step explanation of each question

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