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Why BeWise Classes?


Best Chemistry Teacher of India

Sunil Nain Sir - 8+ Years Teaching Experience, Mentored thousands of Students, Famous Kota Faculty


Pure NCERT Based  Content

Our tutors strictly follow NCERT books & prepare NCERT based content whether it's Video Lectures, Test Series or Notes


100% Proven Track Record

10000+ students have already cracked NEET exam under guidance of Sunil Sir. 

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Salient Features

We empower aspirants to become doctors

Strategy & Motivation

Our unique methods help students achieve the best possible learning outcomes. BeWise Classes guides students through their complete NEET prep journey with strategies and roadmaps to keep them motivated

Nurturing Values

BeWise Classes' aim is to not only provide students with quality education, but also make them better people. Our education is based on the principle that "values matter not value", with this in mind we follow holistic growth aprroach for NEET aspirants.

Personal Care & Guidance

Each student is unique and our curriculum is designed to track their progress and monitor their growth. Team BeWise evaluates the performance of each student and provides personal guidance to help them improve their NEET exam performance

Interactive Teachings

Our online and classroom courses are based on interactive teaching methods that use graphical represenation & other models, that help students understand concepts completely. Students can also interact with our faculty in the classroom or in our app to clear their doubts.

Focussed Learning

Our study material includes video lectures and question bank which is purely based on NCERT books & follows the latest NEET exam pattern. BeWise Classes, in its effort to provide the most up-to-date study material according to the latest exam patterns, constantly updates its study material.

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Best Chemistry Teacher for NEET

Due to financial constraints, I could not join BeWise paid courses. But I followed him on YouTube & watched Free Chemistry Video lectures available on BeWise Classes, Channel. These Classroom recorded Chemistry videos gave the real feeling of offline classes & were very helpful for me who can’t afford coaching fees.



Best Kota Coaching Classroom Chemistry Notes

Sunil Nain Sir’s Kota Classroom Free Chemistry Notes helped me a lot in chemistry during NEET exam preparation. Chemistry Notes are enriched with solved examples & NEET Questions which are helpful in getting idea about level of NEET Exam.


Utsav Bannerjee

One Stop Solution for NEET Chemistry

I got complete chemistry NEET study material at one place. After joining BeWise Chemistry NEET Online Course, you need not study any other books. Chemistry lectures, Notes, MCQs, Mock tests are given in a single package.




Top Queries on BeWise Classes

I have already taken admission in a coaching institute. Why I should join Bewise Chemistry Online Classes?

Bewise supports your NEET exam preparations at the coaching institute  and fills the gap within your learning. The smart methodology that we opt for is effectively helpful for you to learn quickly within less time. Each of our course has its own merit & students can select a specific course, whether they need concept building through video course or question practice through Test Series, BeWise Classes provides everything a NEET aspirant requires to become a topper.

I have already opted for another online coaching. What is the need of using the Bewise Course?

Bewise accelerates your NEET preparations with any other eLearning course & boost your chance of scoring 700+ marks in NEET exam.  We provide you latest pattern NCERT based Daily practice problems, questions banks with detailed solutions, & chemistry quizzes that you don’t get in any other online course. The vast pool of fully solved questions along with linked study Chemistry notes and quizzes takes care of all of your preparation requirements for NEET exam. This keeps you one step ahead then the others while covering NEET SYLLABUS OF CHEMISTRY with us.

I am a dropper/repeater student however I have all the material, question bank, and books. Why do I require a BeWise Course?

This means either the material you were studying from is not up to the mark or not of good quality for NEET exam. If you don’t wish to lose a chance at acquiring success then studying Chemistry with Bewise can provide you with the kind of practice you require, immediate doubt clarification, and explanations to all difficult terms as well as concepts like a mouse-over with the best in class NEET study material and question bank. This would surely ensure your grand success.

How can I ask doubts?

There is chat section in our app. You may ask general doubts there. We also create Private telegram groups for the students who join our paid courses. Sunil Sir & other faculties clear students' doubts there.

I can watch free chemistry lectures available on YouTube channel, then what is the benefit to join the Ranker Batch ?

Free Chemistry Video lectures available on our YouTube Channel are recorded lectures for previous years NEET exam. Ranker Batch has latest NEET pattern based study materials containing Chemistry Video lectures ,Chemistry Notes, Daily practice Problems, Chemistry Questions Bank, Test Series with detailed Video Solution. This courses is designed in such a way that students need not buy any other  books.

How can I make the payment?

You can make the payment to us through any of the following methods: -

● Credit Card

● Debit Card

● Cash Card

● Net-Banking

● UPI/Google Pay/PhonePe


If you wish to take any other form of offline payment then kindly feel free to email us at

How much time would be taken for the process of activation of the course from the payment duration?

You can make the If you make the payment online through Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash Card, or Net banking, your course can get activated instantly. If you make the payment through NEFT or RTGS, we can activate your course as soon as possible upon the confirmation of realization of the payment.

What is BeWise Ranker Batch to target 180/180 in Chemistry in NEET exam?

Ranker Batch is a one stop solution for NEET Chemistry. This course contains everything a NEET aspirants requires for NEET exam preparation. In this course you will get NCERT based video lectures & chemistry chapterwise test series. In this course, you will also get Chemistry Notes, Daily practice problems & chemistry questions bank. If you join this course & follow it throughout the year, you can easily score 170+ marks in chemistry in NEET  exam.

I have a few more questions, what should I do?

Please feel free to contact us at 7340250100, you can call or contact on Whastapp.