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How BeWise Classes Makes You Wise? 
Expert study material
Study from over 100 hours of video lectures, rich in detail, to the point, and in accordance with the syllabus. They are your best source to learn Chemistry and GK for the AIIMS and NEET entrance examinations
Uninterrupted content

Our video solutions help you prepare without any glitches. No buffering or stoppages, access them anytime, anywhere without a glitch. 
Passionate faculty

Yes, we know our subject well but we go one step further because we love teaching young minds. This combination of subject matter knowledge and passion is the secret of our success. Our many students doing so well in AIIMS and NEET are proof enough.
Available 24x7
Whether it’s 3 am or 5 pm, contact us anytime you have a doubt. From the ‘Chat with Mentor’ option on the website to calling us, we are here to help you 24x7. 

Solve your doubts anytime

If you ever get stuck, do not fret. Our established authors and experts and here to guide you and clear every doubt so that you can take the exams with 100% confidence. 
Low costs, high value

We understand the value of money and have therefore priced our content at a reasonable rate – Affordable by everyone and minimal compared to the big players. Get great content at reasonable prices. 

Bewise Classes Super Stars of AIIMS 2017 
4 in Top 100

VV Anirudh
VV Anirudh got  25th rank in AIIMS 2017. He scored 99.02 percentile in AIIMS-GK part. New Batches For Chemistry and AIIMS-GK Starting Soon. For any Query 7340250100, 9416566619
Aman Tilak
Aman Tilak got AIR 33 in AIIMS 2017. He scored 99.02 percentile in AIIMS-GK part. New Batches For Chemistry and AIIMS-GK Starting Soon. For any Query 7340250100, 9416566619
Karthik Ajith
Karthik Ajith got AIR 64 in AIIMS 2017. He scored 91.25 in AIIMS-GK part. New Batches For Chemistry and AIIMS-GK Starting Soon. For any Query 7340250100, 9416566619
Kushagra Jain
Kushagra Jain got AIR 94 in AIIMS 2017. He scored 94.85 percentile in AIIMS-GK part.New Batches For Chemistry and AIIMS-GK Starting Soon. For any Query 7340250100, 9416566619

BeWise Super Stars

AIIMS GK by Sunil sir helped me prepare to the best of my ability. The course was good, taught a lot of useful techniques, and helped me understand the basics of History and Geography better. To anybody looking to crack and get a good rank in AIIMS, choose AIIMS GK by Sunil sir at BeWise Classes. It provides you with a detailed analysis of everything that may come in the paper and ensure you are 100% ready for it.

AIIMS GK questions worried me because it was the one section I struggled with. I didn’t want to lose marks here and lower my rank. I didn’t and the credit goes to AIIMS GK by Sunil sir at BeWise Classes. From his excellent teaching to superb study material, they ensured I had the knowledge and confidence to take on the GK questions and didn’t waste time in poor preparation methods. AIIMS GK by Sunil sir; it’s the best.

I didn’t really know how to prepare for the GK section in the AIIMS exam, my preparation was inconsistent and lacking in quality. It was only after joining AIIMS GK by Sunil sir at BeWise Classes did I realize that the GK section is simple to crack and sir taught some smart ways to prepare for it. The AIIMS GK test series at BeWise Classes is so comprehensive that I didn’t need to do anything else and, in the end, my All India Rank (AIR) in the AIIMS exam was 64. I ask anybody who is concerned about GK to use AIIMS GK by Sunil sir, it is the best way to prepare for the AIIMS GK section. 

BeWise Classes are the best when it comes to AIIMS and NEET. I was a student of their classroom programme and cleared both exams in 2017. AIIMS GK by Sunil sir helped me a lot and is the best for anybody looking to score high marks in the GK section. Sunil Sir’s method of teaching is nothing but brilliant. His tips and tricks to learn GK are fantastic and sir is very motivating. Without BeWise Classes, I wouldn’t have cleared the exams and be studying at MAMC. 

About Us

Sunil Nain 
A catalyst is an agent or a compound that accelerates a chemical reaction. To accelerate your preparation for the medical entrance exams, Sunil Nain is the catalyst you need. 

He teaches Chemistry and AIIMS – GK at BeWise Classes and is as good a teacher as one can get. With over five years of experience; Sunil has combined his passion for teaching and his deep understanding of the subject to help aspiring medical students realize their dreams and many have done so at the AIIMS and NEET entrance exams.  

He holds a civil engineering degree from DCRUST, Murthal and has authored a book on AIIMS-GK i.e. General Knowledge, Aptitude and Logical Thinking for AIIMS by MTG publications.

If teaching is an art, then Sunil is one of the best artists around. You can contact him at BeWise Classes or email him on

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